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Cleared To 'Lite'

This product is designed for pilots to quickly and acccurately record departure clearances. Accelerator keys are provided which are labeled with many of the short-hand symbols that pilots currently use today with pen and paper. The app expands the short-hand into easily readable text.


Top Places

This product allows you to build a virtual vacation photo scrapbook from geo-referenced images on Flickr.com. The app keeps track of your most recently visited images and allows you to selectively add/remove images from vacation scrapbooks that you create. Links to recent images are stored in user defaults and all vacation data is stored in a CoreData database.



This product is a mobile person to person payment product. It functions as a "check replacement" in that it creates ACH transactions for each payment. Requests for money can be sent to any mobile device running the app. Transactions can be sent to a mobile number or to another nearby device via Bluetooth. Request blocking is supported as well as an extensive transaction history log. This product has yet to be deployed.